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We use our powerful ancestral spirits to retrieve the lost portion of soul. Our spirits travel to the appropriate Inner Worlds and barter, negotiate, deal with the possessing entities to retrieve the soul. They will travel deep into the inner worlds with the intention of retrieving that soul portion that is missing. Usually the ally knows right where it is and who is holding it.

A lot of times our spirits meet some gruesome characters there who are not willing to give up the soul portion because it provides them with life essence, with grace, the one thing humans can amass and take with them from lifetime to life time. These entities cannot become human, but oh, how they want to! They will do most anything to get a human to give up part of their soul. They offer humans, riches, and love and business success, material wealth and fame for a soul.

We offer consultation for enlightenment on your earthly and spiritual journey. We channel words of advice and wisdom for you from the ancestors and your spirit guides. Through our psychic powers we offer readings, predictions and wise counsel from your ancestors and forefathers.

We detect cases of ill luck, negative influences or dishonor toward the ancestors. We also help get rid of bad and evil spirits that may attack you or your home. We prepare individualized concoctions for protection from individuals of evil intent.

Luck Cleansing
This involves a variety of fields which encompass a human being as a person and the environment he lives and works as well. This can open minds of people around you that they should recognize your contributions.

Human Cleansing
It involves cleansing of a person who due to the world we live in is exposed to so many evil castings.We live with people some of whom we regard as relatives and friends but they end up not wishing us good and instead they cast spells upon us. When people are cleansed, they feel lighter and more confident. They have more energy, are more positive, and find more clarity in their lives.

eyeRiches of Life spell

First decide what you feel are the riches of life to you, many people have sought after my riches of life spells.


Success in Business
Do you own or want to start your own business and need some help? This is the ideal spell for you.


Protection Spells
Everyone seeks security, protection, a feeling of well being. And you are no exception. This potent spell casts a protective shield around you, insulating you from the negative forces that could penetrate a more vulnerable soul.

Extreme Respect Spells
One of our most desirable goals in life is to gain respect from loved ones, acquaintances, our peers, etc. You are one of a kind and have so much to offer. It's time others recognized it.



mysticWitchcraft relies on the energetic connection with Mother Nature, so witches use all kinds of objects to help them in their rituals. Charms are objects infused with magical properties and which offer the wearer a sense of protection.

They also help maintain health, produce virility and fertility, and create luck. The style of object varies greatly in different cultures but the purpose of amulets is generally the same.






Protection Spells

Everyone seeks security, protection, a feeling of well being. And you are no exception. Let a Master Psychic cast this Extreme Protection spell in your behalf.

So if you have questions in your mind on how to conquer the genie or jinn, or how to get the genie invocation spells or jinn invocation spells, or how to get information on djinns etc you may not worry. If you need any information of genie formulas or jinn spells email me and I will guide you with all the information you require


Witchcraft Charms

One of the most important objects used in Witchcraft spells is the altar. It provides a flat surface for ritual tools and symbols through the casting of a charm. During the preparation of medicinal herbs, a cauldron can be used to heat the mix, which is basically a cooking pot.














Are you addicted to drugs/alcohol/smoking and you want to stop it?

Are you having many obstacles in life?

Are things happening in your life that you can't explain?

Do you need protection from enemies?

Do you want to know your enemies?

Is your love life falling apart?

Do you need to have your love only for you?

Do you need a marriage partner?

Do you wand to reunite with your lost lover?

Do you want to attract some one?

Do you want to separate a couple?

Through my powerful spells all is possible




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